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PVC Board Polymer Composite

A complete range of Hotstamp Plus UV Gloss & Matt Lamination Designs for indoor and outdoor applications.


PVC Board is durable, light weight and serve longevity. It is reliable, provide protection against adverse weather conditions and offer a high level of security.

Provides good stability, optimized thermal insulation , good sound proofing, protection from termites and chemicals, a long service life as well as am appealing desing. PVC Board will add more comfort to life because it can be easily nailed, drilled and to be pasted with glue. It is reliable wood substitute.


3.0 mm

12.0 mm

5.0 mm

15.0 mm

8.0 mm

18.0 mm

10.0 mm

20.0 mm

PVC Board Uses

PVC Board is suitable for indoor and outdoor application.Due to its range of colours it is often used for advertising, building and furniture industries. PVC Board is easy to fabricate and bond. Due to these factors , this material is perfect for every day products.

PVC Board MDF Wood
1 Self Colours Need to be coated
2 Environment Friendly No
3 Termite, water proof & Fire retardant No such qualities
4 Maintenance Free Varnishing is required
5 Low Labour cost High Labour cost
6 Short Installation Period Long Installation Period
7 Save Forest Need Deforestation for Production
8 Smooth Finishes No

Standard Sheet Size

8' x 4' Feet


3 mm to 25 mm Thickness available

Water resistance

100% water proof

Fire Proof

Self Extinguishing

  • Smooth Glossy Finish

  • Light Weight

  • Easily Fabrication

  • Durable (Life time)

  • High Quality ( International Standard)

  • No Toxic Gas Release

  • Environment Friendly Material